Why Pall Friction Dampers are Favoured?
  • They are simple and foolproof in construction.

  • Offer reliable and repeatable performance at low cost.

  • Possess large rectangular hysteresis loops.

  • Greater energy dissipation for a given force. Hence, fewer Pall Friction Dampers are needed. Conversely, exert lesser force for a given damping.

  • Provide supplemental damping and stiffness for added stability.

  • Performance is independent of velocity and temperature.

  • Constant force for all future earthquakes (DBE/MCE). Therefore, design of connections and members is economical.

  • They are not active during service loads and wind. Hence, no possibility of failure due to fatigue before an earthquake.

  • Need no repair or replacement before and after earthquake. There is nothing to damage or leak.

  • Energy dissipation is through friction and not through the damaging process of yielding.

  • After an earthquake, the building returns to its near original alignment due to spring action of an elastic structure.

  • Compact and narrow enough to be hidden in partitions.

  • They can accommodate foundation settlements.

  • Available for all types of bracing, including tension cross bracing, and expansion joints.

  • Custom made. Easily adaptable to any site condition. Can be welded or bolted.